Ingunn and Niklas

Mor Son

How beautiful isn’t this… Ingunn with her one year old son, Niklas.
Niklas close up front funky

Ingunn and her young family has recently moved from Norway to Malta. To celebrate Niclas’ first year, she wanted a photoshoot of him. Very active model, luckily his love for his bright blue plastic chair got him sitting still for a few seconds!

Sitter i stol framat

In chair

Sitter i stol2

When the chair didn’t work, Ingunn gave him a book as a distraction. It worked really well! For a minute or so…

Tittar i bok

We finished off with some photos of mother and son together. Not just a really cute kid, but a mother who looks fab too!

Mor Son4 vintage

Baby Photosession with Craig, 8 months


As summer started to go to an end, I met up with Jocelyn and her baby boy, gorgeous Craig. This photoshoot had been planned for months and months, but was put on hold as Jocely was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through a very dramatic operation. I am so relieved it all went well, and it is almost surreal what she has been through since we first started to talk about doing a photoshoot of her baby.

Craig armchair small

We were shooting in Bidnija, a tiny little village on a hilltop overlooking St Paul’s Bay, Malta. We were using one of Malta’s amazing wedding venues, full of natural light, which helps to create amazing photos. Being a natural light child photographer, I wanted to move in!

Craig High Key BW small


With a model like this, it was nearly impossible to stop. Cooperative babies are fantastic to work with – one photo after the other was great. Hope you enjoy them too!