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Zena Holloway takes the most amazing underwater images. As an underwater photographer and director, her interest in underwater photography started when she was 18 while working her way around the globe as a scuba diving instructor. See her photos here

Eve Arnold




Eve Arnold is legendary. She was one of the 20th century’s foremost photographers and a pioneer of photojournalism. Although always associated with photos of Marilyn, her life career was long and vast.

Eve Arnold

Photo by Pat Booth

She died in 2012, aged 99. In her obituary, the Telegraph writes: Throughout her long career Eve Arnold’s pictures were always marked by understanding and compassion. She never strove for effect, and in the 1950s revelled in the advantages the new reportage had over studio-bound photographers. It allowed her to show celebrities in spontaneous mood, and to achieve unusual levels of intimacy and trust with her subjects, especially women.

She grew up in a poor Russian Jewish family. She initially intended to study Medicine, but a boyfriend gave her a camera and she became a keen amateur photographer. Eve was self-taught, her only tuition being a brief course in 1948 with Alexey Brodovitch, the celebrated art director of Harper’s Bazaar, at the New School for Social Research in New York. The class, which included ambitious professionals such as Richard Avedon, mercilessly criticised Eve Arnold’s amateur efforts. So see, you got to believe in yourself, even if someone says that contrary!

In 1957 she joined the renowned Magnum agency, becoming its first woman photographer. Examining her portfolio, Robert Capa pinpointed the twin strands of her work as being “Marlene Dietrich’s legs and the bitter lives of migratory potato pickers”. The lives of the celebrated and the mundane were to remain her favoured subjects. Her profile is here

You can read a good article about Eva Arnold here , written by Pat Booth

The Art of Peeping

09 Kynan camera


New York photographer Arne Svenson snapped his neighbours in their homes without permission – and has just won a court case under his First Amendment rights.

Read full article here .

You can see the photos on Arne’s homepage here. I must admit that I find them beautiful. although I am not sure I would have the guts myself…

I wonder if Arne Svenson is Swedish… Sure sounds like it..

Photoshop textures

One of my photoshop lessons teaches textures. By merging two photos, you can create really sweet images like these two. In the first one I have merged the photo with a page from an old book:


Milla texture

The second one uses a heart bokeh photo, merged with my photo:

Girl on stone balcony in an old fortress

The possibilities are endless and the result is great for scrap books, invitations, posters etc!



Learn photoshop

Milla as 3 years and as a baby

I regularly give courses in Photoshop for beginners. This is a Photoshop course that aims at teaching you fast and easy tricks to make your photos more fun and presentable! It’s a course for non-professionals, i.e. normal people who just love taking loads of photos! It’s about learning a bit more about Photoshop, and how to use Photoshop to create amazing pics which can be used as wall art, blog images, Christmas cards, postcards etc.

Next course will be starting in May. Send me an email on info@cloudberryimages.com if you would like to have more info!