Why can’t we use Google images on our website?

Read an interesting article re why it can be a costly experience to use Google images in your web work:

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Read full article from the Guardian here

Hope i don’t get in trouble for posting parts of their article on my site…

Courses in Photoshop

Courses in photoshop

I regularly give courses in Photoshop for beginners. This is a Photoshop course that aims at teaching you fast and easy tricks to make your photos more fun and presentable! It’s a course for non-professionals, i.e. normal people who just love taking loads of photos! It’s about learning a bit more about Photoshop, and how to use Photoshop to create amazing pics which can be used as wall art, blog images, Christmas cards, postcards etc.

Next course will be starting in March. Send me an email on info@cloudberryimages.com if you would like to have more info!

Photoshop – for fun

Do you have what it takes?

Want to become a freelance photographer? Read Stanley Leary’s post with some good advice of the reality of being freelance!

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Shutterstock sells

As you know, I am slowly but surely building up a portfolio of stock photos. Microstock is a very slow process… The initial learning curve is harsh and time consuming with very little reward. But as the demands of the microstock sites are so hard, it will make you a much better photographer, which in itself is worth it.

I have been submitting photos to Shutterstock for over a year now, and although I mostly have low value sales of some 25 US cents, the sales are quite frequent and do add up. I find the uploading easy and fast, which makes it even more worth it. If you are thinking of starting with stock, I do recommend Shutterstock as one of your first stops.

If you are interested in selling your photos, you need pass a basic test. Upload a first batch of 10 photos and if at least 7 of these 10 are approved than you can become a full contributor and can start uploading and thus selling. You can register here