Remember to thank them

Holy Communion season is soon kicking in. Don’t forget to use your amazing photos in creative ways. Doing a Thank you card is one way.Milla HC thank you

Camilla’s family

On the beach

 A fantastic October morning at the beach. With Camilla and Hans-Martin and their two beautiful children.



Mother daughter

Rain, rain, go away

Mother, daughter and dog

The rumours had been flying the whole week. It will rain this Friday! On the day, we did see some clouds, and we did catch some precious rain drops. Nothing that stopped anyone from enjoying the beach though. The storm unfolded late at night instead, with flashes lighting up the sky for miles and miles.

Therese’s girls

Mother with girls

Remember the wonder baby – quiet but o so handsome Oliver – who was featured a few blogposts ago? Here is the rest of the family (besides daddy who had to work!): Therese with her daughters Isabell and Molly.

It is near impossible to chose pictures of Isabell – they were all abs stunning. The girl had a true connection to the camera – all i had to do was to press the shutter, she sorted out the rest…


Molly had a tough day, but we got just the shots we needed. Look at this future corporate leader:

Girl next to table

Two girls, four feet