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Holy Communion season is soon kicking in. Don’t forget to use your amazing photos in creative ways. Doing a Thank you card is one way.Milla HC thank you

Camilla’s family

On the beach

 A fantastic October morning at the beach. With Camilla and Hans-Martin and their two beautiful children.



Mother daughter

Holy Communion

Girl in Holy Communion dress

Very soon we will see loads of gorgeously dressed up 6-7 year old celebrating one of the biggest moments in their Catholic lives:  their Holy Communion. Having had two daughters going through this celebration, I must say I really appreciate it. It is a beautiful celebration of becoming an aware member of the Catholic faith. And no, I am personally not a Catholic, but nevertheless I found the whole thing very moving.

I am fortunate to do loads of photo shoots of fantastic kids during this time of the year. Here are some samples – you will find more under the section Celebrations in my photogallery.

Girl in Holy Communion dress